The Topic Formal Group is Relevant for UGC NET Commerce & Management as Follows:


A formal group is a collection of persons, who came together for achieving a specified goal. They are always created with intent to fulfill some official requirement. Formation of the group is done by the management. It possesses a systematic structure, in hierarchical form.

Formal Group

Purpose of forming of Formal Group

1. Capitalize the Expertise of Each Individual

2. Make use of Synergy

3. Facilitate a proper Decision making

4. Helps others in the group to learn new skills.

Types of the Formal Group

  • Command Groups
  • Committees
  • Task Forces

Command Groups

  • It is a group consisting of individuals who report directly to the manager.
  • Formed by individuals working together to achieve a specific objective.
  • Here the Leaders play an important role.

 Example − A group of workers working on a project and reporting to the same manager is considered as a command group.


The group of people who are appointed by an organization, to resolve the matters, referred to them are known as Committee.

For example– Advisory Committee, Standing Committee, etc.


Task Forces

Consists of people who work together to achieve a common goal.

For Example-Designing the syllabus under semester system.

Task Forces

Practice Question for Formal Group

A bunch of employees are assigned a project on solar cells, they have to submit it to the project manager on a specified date collectively under one project. What type of Formal group it is?


A. Commands Group


C.Task Forces

D.None of the above

Solution: A

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