The Topic Sons of the Soil Policy is Relevant for UGC NET Commerce & Management as Follows:

Introduction to Sons of the Soil Policy

The concept of Sons of the Soil (SoS) is deeply embedded in the human psyche. Sons of the soil is an elemental concept tying people to their place of birth and confers some benefits, rights, roles and responsibilities on them, which may not apply to others.

Sons of the Soil Policy

Sons of the Soil Policy

Tying people to their place of birth confers some benefits, rights, roles. It underlines the view main linguistic group inhabiting the state constitutes the exclusive ‘homeland’ of its main language speakers, ‘Sons of the soil‘ or the ‘local residents‘. ‘Outsiders‘ are those whose Mother tongue is not the state`s main language.

Sons of the Soil Conflict

Concept of Equality versus the concept of Fairness.

Conflict – competition and dispute :

  • over scarce resources such as land, jobs, educational quotas etc.
  • Conflict between members of a minority ethnic group concentrated in some region of a country, and ethnically distinct migrants.
  • The members of the minority group think of their group as indigenous, and as rightfully possessing the area.

Sons Of The Soil Approach In Recruitments

Job opportunities – offered to the people living in that area and not the immigrants.


  • Stay close to family and support financially.
  • Easy setting up a Cooperate office with the support of local residents of that area.
  • For the construction purposes, the company could get cheap labor straight from the local people.
  • Improves the poverty rate in remote areas.


  • Unavailability of required set of skills and talent.
  • SoS has shrunk the existing job opportunities.
  • Hampers the patriotic nature towards the country as a whole.

Legal Issues

  • Offends section 2 of the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.
  • Disrespect and bring into contempt Article 19 (1) (e) of the Constitution .
  • Offence under section 153A of the IPC as it amounts to inciting enmity between groups of people.

Practice Question

In “Sons of the Soil” policy in recruitment, who is given the rights/preference for job opportunity in a specific area?

A. Local Resident

B. Immigrants

C. Eligible Candidates

D. Freshers

Solution: A

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