This Topic Management By Objective is rerlevant for UGC NET Commerce & Management as Follows:

Management by Objective


Management by objective is a management style that seeks to use objectives and goals in a way that aligns employee and business objectives into a cohesive system.

Essence – Participative goal setting, choosing course of action and decision making.

Core concept – Planning – being proactive instead of being reactive.

Objectives Of Management

  • Personnel management technique
  • Managers and employees work together
  • Set, record and monitor goals Specific period of time.
  • It has come a long way since it was first suggested by Peter F. Drucker in 1954 as a way of promoting managerial self-control.

Practice Question For Management By Objective

Which of the following is not true about Management by Objective?

A. It involves participative decision making.

B. It is a personnel management technique.

C. It is reactive approach.

D. Managers and Employees work together.

Solution: C

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